Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am back

Hey guys,

after more than two months without any nail art and barely polishing my nails I finally return to my blog.

So this is what happened: I was absolutely not inspired to do anything with my nails. I didn't even feel like wearing nail polish and the few times I sat down to do something I ended up just putting everything away without even applying a basecoat. I figured it would be best just to wait until I feel like it again and give my nails a break until then.

For no particular reason I was really looking forward to the beginning of fall. I don't know why but I happen to really like this fall. So I polished my nails twice at the end of September/beginning of October and although I did a pretty sloppy job I liked the colors and the fact that my nails had some polish on them.

And today I got my first proper manicure and now I am able to present you my newest design. I actually just wanted to polish my nails but then I had a look at my image plates and I decided I should use them. It might not be my best work but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

At first I applied a basecoat to protect my nails from staining. Funny thing is since I didn't polish my nails they actually got whiter. Although I almost always use a basecoat they tend to stain a little bit and I don't know how to prevent that.

After the basecoat has dried completely I applied two coats of 691 can't get enough! by p2 which is a lovely deep red. And I think it's perfect for fall. (Also it is one of my new nail polishes.)

p2 691 can't get enough!

Then I added one layer of this flakey glitter top coat by essence (Night In Vegas) on my accent nails.

p2 691 can't get enough!, accent nails: essence special effect topper 01 night in vegas

And after I gave that some time to dry I decided to use some of my plates. I stamped with Bundle Monster image plate BM-323 which is from their third set and MASH image plate MASH-41.

Konad Special Nail Polish (black), BM-323, MASH-41 - daylight

I started with the thumbs and stamped the image with the roses first. After I realized they covered pretty much everything on the nail I decided I'd use another image for the ringfinger so the glitter will show up more. The image I used is the one on MASH-41. Maybe stamping with black polish wasn't the best idea since it doesn't really show up on the dark red nailpolish but I like it anyway. It's very subtle.

Finish off with a topcoat to protect the design and make it last longer and you're done.

Konad Special Nail Polish (black), BM-323, MASH-41 - artificial light

The camera I used is the one from my phone. I hope this will do until I get my other camera back. 

There is one more thing I want to inform you about. Since my lectures start tomorrow I'll be very busy soon. Nonetheless I try to post a new nail design once a week (most probably on the weekends).

Thanks for staying tuned and of course reading my post.

See you next time. :)

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