Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey everyone,

Halloween is right around the corner and I thought I might do a spooky Halloween manicure for this occasion.

I started off with my basecoat and I used the essence nail art peel off basecoat for this manicure because lately my nail polish starts chipping within no time. This really annoys me and I don't know what is causing the chipping since I am not really doing anything different than usual. Very weird. So if this starts chipping I can easily pull it off of my nails.

essence nail art peel off base coat

After my basecoat had enough time to dry through I polished one coat of 741 notice me! by p2 which is my all time favourite orange. One coat will do this time because it doesn't need to be as opaque since I will sponge another colour onto the edges.

p2 741 notice me

Before I started sponging I decided to do the stamping. I chose several image plates in advance and I wasn't sure if the images might all fit onto my nails the way I wanted to arrange them.
The image plates I used are from Bundle Monster BM04 (pinkie), BM13 (thumb), BM222 (ring finger), BM224 (all fingers except the thumb), BM213 (thumb), BM305 (middle finger) and from Shany SH02 (index finger). All images are stamped with Konad Special Nail Polish in black.

Bundle Monster and Shany image plates

After I stamped the images on my nails I took a make up sponge and sponged 554 my place or yours? first and then 500 eternal on the outer edges of my nail to give the images a spooky frame. Make sure to clean up your cuticles as you go because the longer you wait with cleaning off the excess polish the more time it has to dry and the harder it will get.

Sponging in purple and black

After that I took a rosewood stick (because I couldn't find my dotting tools) to fill in the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin and the windows of the haunted house with a yellow polish (little miss sunrise by essence). At the end I sealed the designs with a quick drying topcoat to add some shine and protect the design.

Finished Halloween Manicure

I hope you like the design. Have a happy Halloween and lots of fun.

See you next week. Bye :)

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  1. Wow, that looks realy nice ! :)

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    (in english it means; all about the look)