Saturday, August 11, 2012

At the Zoo

Hey girls,

I'm gonna go on a trip to the zoo! =D (Yaaaaay!) I'm really looking forward to this and I thought I'd do a matching manicure for this event. So here it is:

Leopard-Print-Trip-To-The-Zoo Manicure with a cat

I usually don't like animal prints as I might have mentioned in my Tiger Paws manicure but I love cats (I love every kinda cat, I just wanna hug them all but I can't hug every cat... :3 ) and since I've done a tiger print I went for the leopard print. I think it's not a cheetah print because I think cheetahs only have spots or the spots are not filled in. Anyways so here is how it's done:

First apply a basecoat and let dry. After that polish one to two coats of your basecolour. I chose 111 english rose by essence which is either a reddish brown or a very antique pink. I really like the picture. :D

essence colour & go 111 english rose

After the basecolour has completely dried I stamped the leopard print on Konad image plate m57 with Konad Special Nail Polish in black on all of my nails except for the ringfinger which is my accent nail. I stamped the cat image on Mash-30 (by Mash Nails) on my accent nail also with Konad Special Polish in black. I fell in love with this image as soon as I saw it on my new plates and I was thinking about it all the time and about how I could use it.

Leopard Print: Konad m57; Cat: MASH Mash-30; Konad Special Nail Polish Black

And because I love bling bling and this is a leopard print I took a dotting tool to fill in the spots with Essie's Penny Talk which is a beautiful reddish gold.

Leopard Print filled with Essie's Penny Talk

I added some spots to the cat aswell but that is absolutely optional. I have it on my left hand but not on my right hand.

Leopard Kitteh with Spots

To finish off I sealed in the design with my gel-look topcoat by essence and that is about it.

Leopard-Print-Trip-To-The-Zoo Manicure with a cat

I hope you enjoyed today's manicure. As always if you have any questions (or something else to say) leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading. Bye. :)


  1. Die sind toll :) sehr schöner Nagellack und das Design ist auch genau nach meinen Geschmack ;)

    1. Danke. Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt. :)