Friday, July 20, 2012

[Swatches] More essence nail polishes

I must not go shopping because this is what I end up with: new nail polishes! :D
Some more swatches of the new colour & go polishes by essence. New nail design will be out on caturday. :3

essence 102 sparkling water lily

essence 118 little miss sunshine

essence 129 the boy next door

essence 126 date in the moonlight

essence 108 ultimate pink

essence 128 let's get lost

essence 111 english rose

essence 130 what's my name?

This looks much too blueish on the photo when in reality it is a grey. :D I didn't even recognize it at first and kept looking through my polishes wondering which one it might be. I had to be this colour because it was one of the last pictures I took.

essence 142 grey-t to be here
essence 123 1000 miles away
Click to see more essence nail polishes...


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