Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[Review] Shany Stamping Nail Art Image Plates

Hey everyone :)

it's review time again! =D Somehow I really like reviewing stuff. It's like soooo much work but it kinda is fun too.

This review will be about the Stamping Nail Art Image Plates by Shany Cosmetics. The image plates are delivered in this little paper box thingy. I think that is awesome since I tinker paper boxes similar to this one to store my image plates. I like to keep them together in sets.

Shany image plates in small paper box

 If you open the box you will find 25 image plates in a plastic pouch within the box. This pouch was ripped open on one side already which is not too bad. I wouldn't have used it anyway. ^^

Shany image plates in plastic pouch

All image plates had a blue protective cover made of nylon on them which you have to remove before use. Peeling off the protective cover was easy though.

Shany image plate: blue protective cover

And to my surprise there was the same blue protective cover also on the back of each image plate.

Shany image plate: back with blue protective cover

This leaves the image plates without backing of course. The edges are not too sharp but you might wanna be careful not to cut yourself anyway. I think about leaving them blank this time.

Shany image plate: no backing

The image plates are made of stainless steel and have a high polish finish (according to the product description on amazon). I don't know why this is but as you can see some of the plates have a matte back and some have a shiny one. You can see this difference in some of the engraving aswell.

The image plates measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter which is average for metal discs like this.

Shany image plate: about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

You can find full nail images, french tips and single motifs on the image plates whereas the single motifs are in the majority. There is only one image plate with french tips on it and fourmore french tips on other plates. The three french tips which are on different plates are Konad dupes (pics later).

The original french tips measure about 1,5 cm in width...

Shany image plate - french tip: about 1,5 cm in width

...  and 0,4 cm in length. 

Shany image plate - french tip: about 0,4 cm in length

 The other french tip measures about 1,4 cm in width...

... and 0,4 cm in length. This is smaller than the Konad image.
The second french tip dupe measures 1,5 cm in width and 0,6 cm in length. It is the upper right one on Konad image plate m62 (which I do not own). You can find the third french tip dupe on Konad image plate m64 but it is slightly smaller on the Shany image plates. There is a fourth french tip aswell. Just found it. ^^

Shany image plate: french tip Konad dupe about 0,6 cm in length

 The full nail images vary in their sizes. Some are square and some are rectangular. Here are some examples.

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,6 cm in width

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,6 cm in length

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,3 cm in width

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,7 cm in length

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,2 cm in width

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,8 cm in length

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,5 cm in length

Shany image plate - full nail image: about 1,1 cm in width

The single motifs vary in their size. Some are bigger some are smaller this is not unusual.
There is one image plate though which has full nail size single motifs. I don't know how to call it other than this. The images are big enough to cover the whole nail but they are not full nail images.

Shany image plate: full nail single motif, different sizes

Shany image plate: full nail single motif, different sizes

I was talking about the french tip dupes already. So here are some more images I noticed being similar to some images I know from other brands/image plates.

Shany image above and Konad image below. You can see the difference in the detail of the design. 

Shany image plate SH 20 above - Konad image plate m73 below

Again Shany on the left and Konad on the right. Those two images look so very alike. There are only slight differences between the images.
Shany image plate SH21 left - Konad image plate m71 right

Again Shany (right) and Konad. Those hearts look alike again. At least I had to think of the Konad image plate immediately when I saw those hearts on the Shany plate. 

Shany image plate SH17 left - Konad image plate m78 right

Shany's strawberry on the left looks like the one on Cheeky's image plate. 

Shany image plate SH19 left - Cheeky image plate CH13 right

One of the french tip designs I mentioned  before. Except for the size they look almost the same.

Shany image plate SH23 below - Konad image plate m64 above

Red Angel image plate (left) and Shany (right) have the same butterfly image on their plates. 

Red Angel image plate RA-119 left - Shany image plate SH24 right
Something I almost did not notice was that there are two images twice on two different image plates.
Shany image plate SH21 - Shany image plate SH18

When I realized that it made me laugh. I wonder if this was on purpose or just an accident.
Btw the butterflies are one example for the matte look in some of the engravings. I mentioned that before when I talked about the high polish finish.
The butterflies above look silver and the butterflies below grey-ish. Same with the leaf design before. The one on SH21 is silver and the one on SH18 grey. Unfortunately the picture does not display the difference very well. :/
The grey-ish engravings feel a little rough on the egdes whereas the silver looking ones feel much smoother. I assume that the grey-ish looking engravings will not clean as well as the others and there will be linty stuff stuck all over the place since they remind me of the Red Angel plates and I have the same problem with those. 

Shany image plate SH21 - Shany image plate SH13

Again Shany and Red Angel.
(Maybe you can see what I meant with grey-ish looking and silver engraving on this picture.)

Shany image plate SH02 left - Red Angel image plate RA-107 right

The question now is who duplicated whom?! Well I don't care so much about it.

There are six to ten designs on each image plate and more than 175 in total (according to amazon). I don't mean to make fun of anyone but what about the double image? Do those count twice or just once? :D
I will probably count the images anyway since I need that information for my image plate comparison post...
Okay, here is my result from counting: this set contains 151 single motifs, 20 full nail images and 10 french tips totaling 181 images.

LOL! I'm preparing some swatches and I found another image which is twice in the set. :D It's like a game of pairs. I love this! xD

So here are some swatches. I did not use every image as you can see, just some to test. And I have to admit I am kinda surprised about how good the quality of the engravings is.
Shany image plate: swatches

I don't think I ever had an image plate on which lines like these showed up this good. This is better than expected. I am very pleased with the result.

Shany image plates: very detailed images

Also I was totally right about the linty stuff during cleanup. They are all over the place! Which is kind of annoying. Well gotta live with that I guess.

All in all this set included some uncalled surprises. The quality of the images seems to be unexpectedly good.

This set is available on amazon and probably on ebay aswell (I got mine from ebay).

If you have any questions about this set please don't hestitate to ask and leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading me today. Hope to see you next time. :)

P.S.: Click for all image plates up close.

Shany image plate SH01

Shany image plate SH02

Shany image plate SH03

Shany image plate SH04

Shany image plate SH05

Shany image plate SH06

Shany image plate SH07

Shany image plate SH08

Shany image plate SH09

Shany image plate SH10

Shany image plate SH11

Shany image plate SH12

Shany image plate SH13

Shany image plate SH14

Shany image plate SH15

Shany image plate SH16

Shany image plate SH17

Shany image plate SH18

Shany image plate SH19

Shany image plate SH20

Shany image plate SH21

Shany image plate SH22

Shany image plate SH23

Shany image plate SH24

Shany image plate SH25


  1. Wie viel hast du dafür bezahlt?
    Hast du evtl. nen Link? :)

  2. Klar, also entweder über http://www.amazon.com/SHANY-Polish-Stamp-Manicure-Plates/dp/B004DK0UDA/ref=sr_1_1?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1341917639&sr=1-1&keywords=shany die verschicken nämlich weltweit.

    Ich sehe grade, dass mein Lieblingsverkäufer für derartige Sachen bei ebay überhaupt keine Waren mehr drin hat... :| Hier trotzdem der Link zu ihm, vielleicht kommt er ja wieder. Allerdings will der natürlich mehr Geld haben, als du bei amazon bezahlen würdest. Dafür sind die Sachen meist innerhalb von eineinhalb bis zwei Wochen da.

    Hier ist noch ein Verkäufer, der diese Schablonen anbietet, aber bei dem habe ich noch nie gekauft und weiß nicht wie der so ist. http://myworld.ebay.de/alibabaheha2012/?_trksid=p4340.l2559

    Wenn du ne Kreditkarte hast oder an eine dran kommst bist du auf alle Fälle günstiger dabei. Ich hab jetzt umgerechnet inkl. Versandkosten ~30 Euro bezahlt. o.O Das teuerste waren die Versandkosten, was irgendiwe ärgerlich ist. :/

    Sonst würde ich einfach mal regelmäßig bei ebay suchen.

  3. In your opinion, MASH or Shany ? :D

    1. MASH (2nd set, image plates 26-50)because I think the quality is better.

  4. I agree. I just ordered Shany plates and they don't seem to be as deeply engraved so the images don't come out well. You really have to work t it. Mash I like

    Kathy - Cincinnati, OH