Sunday, July 22, 2012

[Review] Bundle Monster Image Plates Set 3

Hey everyone,

it's review time again. :) This one will be about the eagerly awaited third set of image plates by Bundle Monster. So let's get started.

The third set of Bundle Monster image plates for stamping nail art contains 25 image plates. The image plates are made of stainless steel and have a shiny, glossy finish (according to Bundle Monster). Each image plate contains six designs totalling 150 designs in this set. There are two image plates with six french tip designs on them totalling twelve french tip images in this set. It sometimes is kind of hard to tell the full nail images apart from the single motifs since some of the single motifs are so big.In general I'd say the full nail images are in the majority followed by the single motifs.

The image plates came in this plastic box which is very robust. I love this thing! I use it to store my image plates in it. This is so handy.

Bundle Monster image plates in plastic box

All image plates had a blue protective cover on them which has to be removed before use. Removing the protective cover from the image plates was harder than I expected and knew from the previous set(s). But once I had the hang of it it went pretty well. No residues were left on the plates.

Bundle Monster image plates with blue protective cover

All image plates have the paper backing you might know from the previous set. This protects your sufaces from getting scratched and also takes away any sharp edges which makes it hard for you to hurt yourself on them.

Bundle Monster image plate with paper backing

The image plates measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter.

Bundle Monster image plate about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

The full nail images measure about 1,3 cm in width...

Bundle Monster image plate, full nail image about 1,3 cm in width

and about 1,7 cm in length. This is the same size the full nail images from the previous set have.

Bundle Monster image plate, full nail image about 1,7 cm in length

The french tips measuer about 1,6 cm in width....

Bundle Monster image plate, french tip about 1,6 cm in width

and about 0,7 cm in length at the edge and about 0,8 cm in lenght in the middle of the french tip. The single motifs vary in their size.

Bundle Monster image plate, french tip about 0,7 cm in length at the edge

Bundle Monster image plate, french tip about 0,8 cm in length in the middle

Something I noticed while using the image plates is that they are hard to clean. They have rough edges on the images and lints from the cotton pad get stuck on those edges while cleaning the image plate with remover. Somehow a black/white shade remains in the engraved parts (depending which stamping polish you use) and it just wont go away no matter how many polish remover I use. This reminded me of the Red Angel image plates which show the same "behaviour". The image plates from the second Bundle Monster set did not have this "problem". It's not really a problem. I didn't notice any negative impact on the stamping results or anything but you know... I like to have my plates clean. :D

Another thing I noticed while swatching the image plates was that I have two defective ones. I contacted the Bundle Monster support about this and they reacted promptly saying they will replace the defective plates. I actually did not want to write the review until I got the replacement but then again I did not want to wait because who knows how long this will take and now here you are reading my review. ;) I will edit this post as soon as I receive the new image plates.

Other than the mentioned image plates all images come up crips and clear and I had no problems with them.

Talking about swatches: if you want to see them, you can extend this post at the bottom to see more.

If you are interested I already made my first manicure with the new set. Click here for Summer Time!

I hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any questions please don't hestitate to ask and leave a comment below. I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

I'm sorry if this got a little messy at the end but I'm not sure if I can still think straight right now.

Edit July 26: The replacements for my defective plates arrived today. I waited for them one week which is absolutely okay considering that they come from Honolulu, Hawaii. BUBBLE WRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! =D Okay, after destroying the bubble wrap I swatched the replacements and they work flawless. I put the pictures into the section below, you can find them if you "Read more..." along with the other close up shots and swatches.

Thanks for reading. :)

P.S.: If you want to see the image plates close up and/or the swatches, click...

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of Bundle Monster image plates

Swatches of the replacement image plate BM-303

Swatches of the replacement image plate BM-316

Up close:

Bundle Monster image plate BM-301

Bundle Monster image plate BM-302

One of the defective image plates. The lips are not engraved deep enough and I end up scraping away all the polish I applied before.

Bundle Monster image plate BM-303

The replacement plate does not look much different from the one I originally got with the first set but there is a huge difference in quality of the stamped images. Now they turn out just fine. :)

Replacement BM-303

Bundle Monster image plate BM-304

Bundle Monster image plate BM-305
Bundle Monster image plate BM-306

Bundle Monster image plate BM-307
Bundle Monster image plate BM-308
Bundle Monster image plate BM-309

Bundle Monster image plate BM-310

Bundle Monster image plate BM-311

Bundle Monster image plate BM-312

Bundle Monster image plate BM-313

Bundle Monster image plate BM-314

Bundle Monster image plate BM-315

The second defective plate. You can see on the surface that it is not as shiny as the others. The engravings are too deep and the images do not show up properly.

Bundle Monster image plate BM-316

The replacement for the defecitve image plate. Huge difference between the engravings. 

Replacement BM-316

Bundle Monster image plate BM-317

Bundle Monster image plate BM-318

Bundle Monster image plate BM-319

Bundle Monster image plate BM-320

Bundle Monster image plate BM-321
Bundle Monster image plate BM-322

Bundle Monster image plate BM-323
Bundle Monster image plate BM-324

Bundle Monster image plate BM-325


  1. Yeah, meine sind auch heute angekommen! BM-306 ist etwas zu weit rechts geprägt worden, mal sehen ob die Motive trotzdem funktionieren!

    1. Cool! :D
      Musste jetzt erst mal nachgucken welche das ist. xD Die find ich cool, ich hoffe für dich, dass es klappt. ^^

  2. sehr hübsche motive dabei. bekommen wir ganz bald was davon zu sehen? :)

    1. Natürlich! :D Ich bin noch etwas unentschlossen, werd mich jetzt aber dran setzten... ^^

  3. Also, ich hab mal einiges getestet, die meißten Plates funktionieren, hab aber doch recht viele Motive, mit denen ich nicht zurecht komme...Und eine geht gar nicht, die ist nicht stark genug geprägt, da kratzt man den ganzen Lack komplett mit weg...

    1. Ist das bei dir auch BM-303, bei der du alles wegkratzt? Ich fand bei der hat man das sofort gemerkt, wenn man mit dem Finger über das Motiv gegangen ist. :/
      Mit welchen hast du denn Probleme, vllt kann ich dir ja n Tipp geben...? :)

  4. Bei mir ist das die BM-308 bei der alles weg ist! Auf der BM-324 das erste Motiv klappt bei mir nicht und auf der 301 das rechte, da sind aber auch dunklere Stellen auf dem Plate, denk mal das is ein Produktionsfehler! Mit den anderen die erst nicht so wollten hab ich mich mittlerweile angefreundet ;) Trotzdem hab ich mit dem Set viel mehr Probleme als mit dem neuem von Cheeky...

    1. Hört sich ganz so an. Ich würde mal den Kundenservice kontakieren.

      Oh sehr gut. Manchmal braucht man ja ein zwei Anläufe bis es klappt.

      Hmm, also bei der 301 funktioniert es besser, wenn man nicht ganz so feste aufdrückt und das Motiv quer abzieht. Bei der 324 musste ich jetzt in zwei verschiedene Richtungen scrapen, damit das Motiv geklappt hat, sonst hatte ich immer freie Stellen drin.

      Ich fand das zweite Set von BM von der Qualität her auch besser als das hier jetzt. Die Motive sind zwar schön, aber iwie hätten die das auch besser hinbekommen können.

      Das ganz ganz neue von Cheeky? *_*

    2. Ja das von 2012! Sooo süße Motive und bisher haben alle super geklappt! Das mit dem Kundenservice werd ich dann wohl mal machen, zum Glück ist die 308 diejenige die mir am wenigsten gefällt ;)

  5. Amaaaazing review and plates! They're so pretty and unique! I ordered mine, just can't wait to have them and stamp my nais with this pretties!
    Nice blog, i didn't knew it, but now i'm following! Kisses!

    1. They are indeed. I bet you'll have a lot of fun with them.

      Thanks. Glad you like it. :)