Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Rainbow Sprinkles Manicure

I was thinking about this fish egg manicure and it looks pretty cool I think. I really like the 3D effect. So I wanted to recreate it and I was wondering how to do it and then I found this at home... MICRO BEADS!

:D I only used them once since I got them and I almost forgot about them but now is the time to use them again. I did not invent this design but as you might have noticed I like to give my manicures names. :D
This is how I created the Rainbow Sprinkles Manicure:

The Rainbow Sprinkles Manicure! =D

I mixed the micro beads until they kinda looked the way I wanted them to. I went for a candy like look that's why I used pink, purple and fuchsia beads, some blue and black for contrast and white/pearl to lighten it up.When the mix got too dark I added lighter colors and if it tended to look too much like one color I added several others. If you prefer chocolate sprinkles I guess you could just use brown beads. ^^

Micro Bead Mix
I started off with a basecoat and after that had completely dried I polished two coats of Lovie Dovie by Essie. I LOVE this color. It is so pink! I dont know when I started to like the color pink. It kind of sneaked its way into my life, closet and polish rack... ^^

Essie #20 Lovie Dovie

After the basecolor was dry I polished one coat of topcoat over my accent nail (ring finger) and sprinkled the micro bead mix over the wet polish until the whole nail was covered. I shook off the loose beads and gently pushed the stuck ones onto my nail. And that's about it.You wanna give that some time to dry before you do stuff.

Essie #20 Lovie Dovie, selfmade Micro Bead Mix, essence gel-look topcoat

The Rainbow Sprinkles Manicure! close up

... and more of The Rainbow Sprinkles Manicure!

I guess this is not the most convenient manicure ever but it definitely an eyecatcher.

I hope you like the design. Thanks for joining me today.

See you next time. :)

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