Sunday, July 22, 2012

My First China Glaze Polishes

I went shopping today. I'm not a shopaholic and I'm not in denial either! Just saying to clarify... :D
I happened to go shopping with my parents today and we were in this giant mall where we spent all day and all in all it was a very nice day. To my Mom's great disapproval I found a place where they sold China Glaze polishes, 2 for 1, yay! So I bought one and I was sooooo happy that I could finally call two China Glaze polishes my own.

China Glaze 962 Senorita Bonita (left), China Glaze 150 Heart Of Africa

I went home, I swatched the polishes on the nail wheel, I wondered why they smell so funny. Looking at the bottles I noticed the label saying "Nail Lacquer WITH HARDENERS" which made me very suspicious. I read that most nail hardeners contain formaldehyde which is among other things under suspicion to agitate cancer. I did some research and found out that there is formaldehyde in China Glaze nail polishes. Totally spoiled the fun. I did some more research about the ingredients and read stuff like effects on the body like hormones and allergies and  aggravated air passages. That's not all but to shorten this I'd say there are some ingredients which are super bad for you.

I came to the conclusion that I have to get rid of the polishes. I know I'm not doing the best for my body by polishing my nails and using remover and stuff like that but I am aware of that and I made a choice.

And now I make another choice: I don't want is THIS. There is a point at which you have to draw a line and it has to stop. I would not feel good using the polishes and I feel so bad that I bought them at all.

It never even crossed my mind that there could be stuff like this in nail polish. I obviously am a little naive.

Dammit this is horrible. They say ignorance is bliss and it is so true. But once you start checking out stuff you can't stop just because you might not like the things you find out!

Anyway I will stop now. I've had enough for one day and I am still mad at myself for this whole thing.

Take care everyone. Thanks for reading.


  1. Soooooo... if you don't want your polishes and din't throw them away yet, I'd take them ;) Which colors did you buy?

    1. I have 150 Heart Of Africa which is a dark red with shimmer in it and 962 Senorita Bonita which is a pinkish purple with very fine glitter.