Tuesday, July 3, 2012

May I introcude...

IT'S ALIIIIIIVE! I played Frankenstein and created my first two frankenpolishes. May I introduce you to

Franka and Frank Polish.

Franka and Frank Polish

Frank is based on a matte dry top coat which I hardly ever used since the matte look wasn't as matte as I expected it to be. It had a satin like glance. I don't know how to describe it but not being my favourite polish made Frank purrfect for my experiment. I mixed about four blue or blue-ish polishes into Frank. I just poured the amount of polish into the half empty bottle which felt right and then shook the bottle until the polishes were mixed properly. If I had dark blue or silver hexa glitters or something like that I would totally pimp Frank with that stuff. :D But he is okay for now... :D Okay I kinda poured some micro beads into Frank and they totally bled out... :( I guess this is what happens if you become greedy... :D Maybe it's not too bad though since the beads just gather at the bottom of the bottle.

Frank Polish - second selfmade frankenpolish

However before Frank there was Franka. Franka is kind of based on a tiny rest of quick drying top coat which I could not get out of the bottle. So it came to my mind to reuse the almost empty bottle for a frankenpolish. Also some of that matte drying topcoat Frank is based on is the base for Franka aswell. I kinda recycled another light pink polish which I wanted to get rid of in Franka. I mixed my two favourite special effect top coats into the bottle aswell as some red nail polish. Franka now is just one shade darker than Essie's Lovie Dovie by pure accident. :D The difference is that she has glitter and shimmer.

Franka Polish - first selfmade frankenpolish

I think I like Frank better than Franka but I'm not so sure about that yet. :D

I might retry that some time. It was kinda fun playing around with the polishes. ^^

Essence will have pigments and liquids in their range so I might buy some of those and try another round of creating my own nail polish. :D

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