Friday, July 27, 2012

Into Blue

Lately I am totally into blue nail polishes. Maybe it's because of the new essence colour&go polishes I got but who knows. So I was playing around with some polish the other day and this is the result: a blue gradient or ombre nails. I really don't know how to call it. I only know this style as gradient nails but I read that they are called ombre nails aswell.

Clockwise starting from index finger: 127 i love bad boys, 128 let's get lost 129 the boy next door, 126 date in the moonlight, 53 you belong to me, all colour & go polishes by essence

I like the gradient with several colours over the single nail more than the gradient over all five nails. Although it is a good way to use more nail polishes at once. :D

I wondered if there was an easier way to create a gradient with several colours on one nail than with a make up sponge. And with that thought in mind I came across Bundle Monster image plate BM-301.
Since I don't have stamping polishes in different shades of blue I decided to give it a try with regular polish. To my surprise it worked pretty well. But I decided to try it out on one nail first before I have to overdo all my nails.

Basecolour: essence colour&go 53 you belong to me

First layer: essence colour&go 127 i love bad boys

Second layer: essence colour&go 128 let's get lost

Third layer: essence colour&go 129 the boy next door

Fourth layer: essence colour&go 126 date in the moonlight

When I noticed that this way to create a gradient went well I decided to do this on my other nails aswell.

Basecolour: essence colour&go 53 you belong to me

Blue gradient nails with BM-301

Does not look too bad, does it? It sure does not make such a mess like the make up sponge method although the gradient is not that smooth.

And now I wonder what I could do with this now... ^^


  1. hallo ich habe dich getaggt zum thema nagelpflege. freu mich wenn du mitmachst

  2. Wenn man jeden Finger in einer anderen Nuance hat ist das ombre, und das "verlaufende" ist Gradient ;)

    1. Aaaaaaaahhh, wieder was gelernt! :D Gut zu wissen, danke. :)