Monday, July 30, 2012

Hoot Hoot

Well well, look at me turning a bad nails day into a not so bad nails after all day. :D

I was just removing my Kiss Kiss manicure respectively the stamping and polished an additional coat onto the already existing ones since they got a little sheer after wiping my nails. I wanted to keep the colour because it is so nice. Also this was quicker than redoing all the nails all over again. :D

So again Hi, Society! by Catrice as a basecolour. Two coats turn out opaque.

Catrice Cruise Couture LE C01 - Hi, Society!

Then using my new Bundle Monster image plates I stamped the images with Konad special polish in black.

Left hand: Bundle Monster image plates BM-309 and BM-314

I sealed the design with my gel-look topcoat by essence which works great for stamped images.

Right hand: Bundle Monster image plates BM-309 and BM-314

I already tried this mani before in blue and white but somehow I did not like it. It appeared flamboyant to me. But here is my first attempt for you to see anyway. ^^

essence c&g 128 let's get lost, ringfinger: essence c&g 129 the boy next door

essence nail art stampy polish white, BM-309

Somehow I am surprised by how different those two manis look although this is not surprising at all. :D

Aren't those owls just adorable?! I love them they are sooo cute. ^^

It makes me very happy that I could turn the failed manicure from before around into a success. :D

So thanks for reading me again. ^^ See you next time. :)

PS: I totally hate it when you write a blogpost in this post editor thingy and then you see the preview and the layout looks nothing like in the post you created with the arrangement of the text and posts and stuff like that... I am SO annoyed right now. This happens way too often. And it won't go away until you publish and edit the post... :/  Well at least NOW it looks neat. ^^

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