Monday, July 30, 2012

2nd Award

So guess what! :D I was given an award (again). This award was already given to me some days ago but someone else thought of me aswell. It was Sanni from Colourful Box.

I <3 your blog. award the second

It is so nice that other people appreciate your work and I am so happy that she thought of me. I wish I had found her blog adress when I was looking for people to tag.

It's almost ridiculous how happy I am about other people following me and/or being interested in what I have to write and/or show.

So thanks to all my followers for your time spend on my blog. I hope I can keep you interested. ^^

Edit: Look at me making grammatical errors in public. :D I just learned that I cannot be awarded because that verb is transitive. So I changed it. I hope it's correct now. ^^

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