Friday, June 15, 2012

[Review] MASH image plates 26-50

Hey everyone :)

it's review time again! =D Today's review will be about the new image plates by MASH. I already told you that MASH released their second set of image plates and that I will review them as soon as I get my hands on them. Well, the package arrived this morning... ;)

The set contains 25 image plates numbered from 26 to 50. The image plates are made of "high grade stainless steel" and they all come individually wrapped in their own plastic bag. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The individual wrapping is good if you store your image plates in the plastic bags. If you throw them away because you don't store them in the plastic bag it will cause garbage which is not exactly environmental friendly.

Mash image plates 26 - 50, individually wrapped

Every image plate is covered with a blue "protective nylon screen" which was easy to peel off. 

Blue protective nylon screen

The image plates all have a paper backing to prevent scratchings on surfaces and the edges are sanded which makes them easy to handle. You won't find any sharp edges on which you could cut yourself accidentally.
There are two things though which attracted my attention: first thing was that one of the backings was a little ripped off a little which is no big deal actually, the other was that if you wipe your image plate with (acetone free) nail polish remover in order to clean it on the backside the print on the backing will blur.

Ripped backing of Mash image plate.

Blurred backing of Mash image plate after wiping with polish remover

The image plates measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter.
Mash image plate, about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

On the image plates you can find full nail images, french tip designs and single motifs whereby the full nail images and the single motifs are in majority.

Mash image plates, full nail images, french tips and single motifs.

The full nail images measure about 1,3 cm in width and about 1,6 cm in length.

Mash image plate, about 1,3 cm in width

Mash image plate, about 1,6 cm in length

The french tips measure about 1,3 cm in width and about 0,5 cm in lenght.

Mash image plate, french tip, about 0,5 cm in length

Mash image plate, french tip about 1,3 cm in width

The single motifs vary in their size.

Mash image plates, single motifs in different sizes

The engravings look pretty neat and the images pick up very nicely and transfer well onto the nails. I discovered that the very filigree images with the delicate designs (thin lines and tiny dots) have trouble appearing properly (swatch MASH-29) but I only discovered two images with this problem. Maybe it's an user error... ^^

Here are some swatches on paper for you:

Swatches: Mash image plates Mash -26, Mash -27, Mash -28 and Mash -29

Swatches: Mash image plate Mash-30, Mash-28, Mash-29, Mash-41

And some on my nails (essence stampy polish on Alessandro's Honeymoon): 

Swatches of different Mash image plates

Swatches of different Mash image plates.

I just love the cat image. It is so adorable! <3

Each plate contains five to seven designs totaling 145 images (if I counted correctly). You can purchase this set and the previous one aswell on the MASH nails website. And if you want to stay up to date with MASH visit their facebook page.

I think there was something else I wanted to say... can't remember. :( I will add it here when I do.

Anyway if you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Thanks for joining me today and see you next time. :)

PS: Here are the image plates close-up... ;)





















Sorry for those two pictures, they just wouldn't upload horizontally... :/







  1. So I wanted to ask you which do you think i should get the cheeky set or the mash set ??
    I am gonna get only one set and its gonna stay with for a while :) so what's ur opinion ?? :D

    1. That is a tough question. :D I really don't know. It kind of depends what you are looking for.

      When I started with stamping I found it easier to work with the full nail images. The mani turns out very neat every time without being too complicated to create. I wasn't able to make much use of the single motifs in the beginning and it still is very hard for me sometimes. Maybe I am just unimaginative but I stil like the full nail images more than the single motifs. ^^

      If you feel the same way and you prefer the full nail images over the single motifs then you should get the Cheeky Set of 26 image plates. They have more full nail images than single motifs and about 12 more full nail images than MASH.

      If you say you prefer the single motifs over the full nail images you should go for the MASH image plates because that set contains more single motifs than full nail images and more single motifs than the Cheeky set. The single motifs are a little more random (idk if that is the correct term) or have a wider range or you can ascribe them with more topics than the ones on the Cheeky plates. (I hope you know what I want to say xD...)

      In point of quality I'd say that the image plates are about equal.

      If I had to choose again between the two sets I would choose the Cheeky plates.

      In the end it is your money and your decision. I'm sorry I can't help you more.