Monday, June 4, 2012

[Review] Kleancolor Metallics Nail Lacquer

Hey everyone :)

it's another review. ^^' I'm kinda in the flow now. ;)

Today it is going to be about the Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquers.

I bought them in a bundle of 13 polishes on ebay and they came after what felt like an eternity. I am not very patient though. ^^'

All bottles contain 15 ml polish (0.5 fl. OZ) and they are Made in China. This is what they look like.

Kleancolor Metallics (f. l. t. r.): White, Green, Aqua, Sapphire, Black, Coffee Addict

Kleancolor Metallics (f. l. t. r.): Yellow, Mango, Orange, Bite Me, Pink, Fuschia, Purple

The consistancy is nice. The polish is not too thick or too thin and easy to apply. The pigmentation is good aswell. The colors are opaque with the first coat of polish and dry in a regular amount of time.

Kleancolor Metallics Nail Lacquer - Swatches

The colors all work for stamping aswell (except the white which is very sheer) which made me very happy because that was another reason for me to buy them.

Kleancolor Metallics Nail Lacquer - Stamping Swatches

The only thing which is a big big BIG disadvantage is this awful - and I mean really awful! - smell of the polishes and usually I am not sensitive to odours. I mean you know the smell of nail polish but this is so intense and it smells like some kind of liquid plastic or a chemistry factory or something like that. It really burns in your nose. And the smell is lingering! I was sitting next to a wide open window for at least one and a half hour and the smell only then started to disappear. And I had the window open while using the polish. This would be funny if the smell wasn't so bad... :D Those damn polishes gave me a headache!

Despite their horrible smell I like them because the colors are very brilliant and look sooo beautiful.

As always if you have any questions about this review please leave a comment and I will try to answer.

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