Friday, June 29, 2012

Pink and Orange Colorblocking

What is it with the combination of pink and orange?! I don't get it. I really don't! I always thought it is forbidden to comine these colors with each other. They just don't match. And all of a sudden it's totally acceptable to combine them. This is just WROOONG!

But here I am creating a manicure by colorblocking pink and orange. And I have no idea why... :D (Is this even still trendy?!)

These are the products I will be using. 

(f.l.t.r.) masking tape, uma nail art pen, essie #20 Lovie Dovie, Alessandro 01 Honeymoon, p2 color victim 741 notice me!

I used a fake nail on a stick ( xD how are those thingys really called?) since I just made my nails yesterday and I am still not sure whether or not I like this combination enough that I wanna wear it on my nails. I have to admit it is kinda hypnotic. You just HAVE to look at those colors.

If you do this design on your natural nails start off with a basecoat. Then apply a white basecolor. I used Honeymoon by Alessandro. You wanna give that enough time to dry completely before you go over to the next step.

Basecolor: Alessandro Honeymoon

Take a piece of masking tape and mask two third of your nail with the tape. Paint the free tip with a pink nail polish and give the polish a moment to set before you remove the tape. I used Lovie Dovie by Essie.

2/3 of the nail masked with tape

Then mask one third of your nail with the tape and paint the middle section orange. If you feel secure enough you can polish your nails without the masking tape. I used 741 notice me! by p2.

Masking tape and color blocks: Essie Lovie Dovie, p2 741 notice me!

Color blocks: Essie Lovie Dovie, p2 741 notice me!, Alessandro Honeymoon

Use a striper polish/brush to create a thick line between each color section. Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design. I used the black nail art pen by u. m. a. and the gel-look topcoat by essence.

Colorblocking manicure in white, orange and pink

I hope you like today's manicure. Let my know what you think about it by leaving a comment. ;)

Thanks for joining me. See you next time. :)

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