Monday, June 18, 2012

British Racing Crocus

Hello everybody! :)

Today I cut my nails. I really shouldn't do that since they are so hard they will just splinter and break off but I did it anyway in order to shorten them. And I was sick of their round shape so I tried to file them square(-ish). It doesn't look too bad with polish on but it is soooo weird without. The smile line(?) makes it even worse. Or that is the reason why it looks so odd. Maybe I am just not used to it.

Anyway here it is now. I polished two coats of British Racing Green by Butter London on my nails.

Butter London: British Racing Green, artificial light

This polish always gets streaky with the first layer of polish so I can't avoid applying two coats. I really hate the brush. The brush makes it so hard to apply the polish. The bristles are long which is not bad and the brush is round which is also okay but the diameter of the brush is so small. The brush is so tiny and the bristles won't spread! I hate it, makes it so hard to apply the polish. If it wasn't for this georgeous green...

Butter London: British Racing Green, daylight

After the basecolor has dried completely I decided to use my new image plates by Mash and stamped the flower pattern from plate Mash-45 in white on my accent nail.

MASH image plate Mash-45

Using a dotting tool I filled up the middle of the flower with Metallic Yellow by Kleancolor. And now I have some crocusses on my accent nails. Well a very abstract version at least... ^^

Kleancolor Metallic Yellow

After sealing that with a topcoat you're finished. By the way British Racing Green looks pretty awesome with a matte topcoat too. I swatched that on my nail wheel.

I still have that song stuck in my head. xD Made me forget what I wanted to write. - I remember! :D

Which shape do you prefer for your nails and why? I would be delighted at reading your comments. :)

Thanks for joining me and see you next time. :)

Edit: I am kind of disappointed. The polish chipped away at the tips after only one day! :(

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