Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Basic French Manicure

Since I feel so uninspired lately I thought it might be the best to return to the basics. I also feel that the length of my nails is perfect for a french manicure at the moment so I just went for it.

I applied a basecoat first to protect my natural nails. Then I used Konad image plate m19 to create the french tips. I think this way I get the best results for french tips. I might do a comparison on that.
I used Honeymoon by Alessandro as stamping polish since this polish became a little gummy over time and the pigmentation is good too.

Basic French Manicure with black accent on the ring finger, artificial light, Alessandro Honeymoon, p2 500 eternal

I chose a monochromatic colour scheme for this manicure. I did not use a basecolor and I chose to create the accent in black so the manicure would stay sort of neutral. The image used is from Konad image plate m61.

Basic French Manicure with black accent on the ring finger, daylight, Alessandro Honeymoon, p2 500 eternal

After I gave the stamped polish a moment to dry I applied my topcoat to seal in the design and connect the colors with each other. I used essence gel-look topcoat. The texture is very thick almost jelly-like. I really like it. And mostly I put so much topcoat on my nail with the first brush stroke that the stamped images won't even streak. ^^

I hope you like the design although it is very simple. I think it looks kind of classy. ^^

Thanks for joining me today.

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