Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aquatic Manicure

Hey everyone :)

seems like my Soccer Nails brought good luck since Germany won the soccer match today. ;D

Anyways I am back with a new design for you. :)

Recently I was swimming and for that occasion I made a special manicure. Here it is!

Aquatic Nails

I started with one coat of Blue Hawaii from the Mission: Summer Look! Limited Edition by p2. As you can see it is very sheer but it is no problem because there will be some more colors on top of it.

p2 Mission: Summer Look! LE: Blue Hawaii

After that dried I took a little piece of cosmetic sponge and used it to sponge on Aruba Blue and Trophy wife by Essie. You are not really able to see the Trophy Wife later as it is so sheer so if you want you can skip that. But I was not aware of that when I sponged it on so here it is.
The idea behind the sponging was to give the color more depth and a more "realistic" look rather than just plain color. That's why I didn't sponge the colors all on the same spot. It does not have to be perfect or identical. (I'm sorry if this sounds confused. It's a little late already...^^')

Sponging with Aruba Blue and Trophy Wife by Essie

After I gave the sponging a little time to dry I applied one coat of Choose Me! by essence on top of that. It is a sheer color with a little glitter in it and that allows the colors underneath to shine through adding more depth to the color. I used just a little polish for each nail so the color underneath would show nicely.

Essence: Choose Me!, one coat

I think if you'd like you could leave things like this and add a topcoat and be done with it. But this was not enough for me so I added a little stamping. (I just love stamping. I can't help it. ^^) I used the white essence stampy polish and Cheeky image plate CH9 to stamp the bubbly image on my nails.

Cheeky image plate CH9, essence stampy polish white

I sealed that design with a shiny topcoat and as expected after a few hours in the water it slightly started to peel off at the tips. :D But i like the look anyway and it matched my activities that day.

I hope you enjoyed today's manicure. As always if you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

See you next time. :)

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