Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tiger Paws

Hey girls,

this time I am back with a manicure. =D

The other day I was looking at my feet and when I saw my house shoes it just struck me.

A new idea was born!

And this is how it's done, step by step. ;)

Start off with your favourite basecoat to protect your natural nails. Then apply the basecolor. I chose  "690 forever" by p2.

p2 690 forever

After giving this a proper amount of time to dry I stamped the tiger print from Cheeky image plate CH2 with essence stampy polish.

Cheeky image plate CH2, essence nail art stampy polish in black

I sealed that with a layer of quick drying topcoat (essence), just in case. But I am not done yet! So keep on scrolling... ;)

one coat essence quick dry topcoat

After that dried I cut some masking tape into pieces and used those pieces as a guide for creating the white french tips.

alessandro 01 Honeymoon and masking tape, but that's already gone

I let the polish set for a moment before I peeled off the masking tape. Using a dotting tool I applied the black claws on the white polish in the middle of the nail. 

p2 500 eternal and a dotting tool

And because I am still not so sure what to think of matte topcoats I just used one. ^^ 
By the way, THIS is why I applied the "just-in-case"-layer of topcoat earlier. The matte topcoat would totally have streaked the stamped images. So it was not such a bad idea after all. :D

essence nail art special effect topper 07 soft touch

For those of you who do not like the matte look here is one with a regular shiny topcoat which is just as nice.

I can haz tiger pawz? :3

Just in case you are interested these are my house shoes... :D I don't know how I could run around in these and not realize what a cute manicure they'd make.

<3 my house shoes <3

For your information tigers do have five toes on their front paws so you can almost call the manicure authentical. xD

Usually I don't like animal prints that much because I think they tend look cheap very easily but I think I can make this one exception. I like it. :)

I hope you like today's manicure, too. ^^ As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and leave a comment below.

(There was something else I wanted to tell you but I forgot. |: )

See you next time. :)

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