Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Review] Cheeky Bundle of 26 Image Plates, Set 1

Hey everyone :)

today I am going to do a little review of the first set of Cheeky nail art image plates. I purchased them on amazon. This is the first set and it is a bundle of 26 image plates. They will be releasing another set in early-mid June. 

The image plates are made of what I believe is stainless steel (my guess) which makes them very easy to clean. All plates have a backing so you won't get the chance hurt yourself on the edges or ruin your surfaces with scratchings. They come with a blue protective cover on them which is easy to remove. Any residues can be removed with nail polish remover (with acetone).


The image plates measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter. Apart from full nail images you can find smaller single images on the plates as well as french tips.

Cheeky image plate: about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

The full nail images measure 1,3 cm in width and 1,6 cm in lenght.

Full nail image: about 1,3 cm in width

Full nail image: about 1,6 cm in length

The single images vary in their size, the french tip measure about 1,6 cm in width and 0,6 cm in length.

FrenchTips, about 1,6 cm in width

French Tips, about 0,6 cm in length

The images are either engraved or etched into the plates (I don't know about that, just another guess ^^). Anyhow the quality of the images is very very good. No matter how delicate the images are until now I had no problems picking them up or transferring them onto my nails. All images turn out crisp and clear (and I tried the ones in doubt first).  
Edit: I found two images which are very hard to get to work since the thin lines are very shallow and you have to be very quick with the stamping before the polish dries. I did not use them before and it did not come to my mind that this image would not stamp (so well) until I used it. One is on image plate CH7 on the left and on CH12 the image on the right.

This set contains a huge variety of motifs, for example animal prints, dots, stripes, stars, flower patterns, fruits, candy, hearts, bows and so on... One image plate contains at least 6 images and you can find 160 designs on the plates in total. I am pretty sure anyone can find an image they will like in this set.

full nail images, smaller single designs, french tips

I only have 25 image plates instead of 26. Number 21 is missing from my set. When I contacted Cheeky Beauty about this they said they are not able to send me the missing plate but offered me a pampering gift which I was free to choose from a list they gave me. I thought that was very kind of them and I was very happy with that solution. :)

I definetly do not regret buying the image plates from Cheeky.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions please let me know and leave a comment. I'll make sure to get back to you. ;)

Cheeky CH1

Cheeky CH2

Cheeky CH3

Cheeky CH4

Cheeky CH5

Cheeky CH6

Cheeky CH7

Cheeky CH8

Cheeky CH9

Cheeky CH10

Cheeky CH11

Cheeky CH12

Cheeky CH13

Cheeky CH14

Cheeky CH15

Cheeky CH16

Cheeky CH17

Cheeky CH20

Cheeky CH22

Cheeky CH23

Cheeky CH24

Cheeky CH25

Cheeky CH26

Cheeky CH27

Cheeky CH29


  1. So detailed! Love your review!! I have to buy this set now!

    1. Glad you like it. :) I hope you have fun with the image plates.

  2. Nice detailed review. This was really helpful