Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Review] Bundle Monster Image Plates Set 2

Hey everyone :)

this is going to be a review of the second set of the Bundle Monster Nail Art Image Plates.

This set contains 25 image plates. They come with a blue protective cover and they all have a backing like in the first set. Unfortunately on some of the plates a part of the backing already starts to peel off. This does not impair its function though.

Detaching film on the backing

The image plates are also made of stainless steel and measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter.

Image plate: about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

The full nail images measure 1,3 cm in width and 1,6 cm in length.

Full nail images: about 1,3 cm in width

Full nail images: about 1,6 cm in length

The french tips measure about 1,5 cm in width and 0,7 cm in length so Bundle Monster improved the size of their images in the second set. There are also single motifs but the full nail images are in the majority. You can find at least two on each plates except for the ones with the french tips on them.

French tip: about 1,5 cm in width

French tip: about 0,7 cm in length

All images are well engraved and pick up very good with the exception of one full nail image and one french tip which have very filigree lines and they are not deep enough so parts of them do not show properly. (Those are the exceptions I was able to find so far.) In general the detail of the images is another big improvement compared to their first set.

You can find six designs on each plate which makes 150 in total.

French tips, full nail images, single motifs

I bought this set because it has so many full nail images which I thought i would prefer over the small single ones but i don't know about that anymore. Anyway I like this set very much. :D

If you are interested in stamping nail art and consider buying the image plates you might wanna wait until about two weeks from now because then Bundle Monster will release their third set of image plates.

I hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any questions please let me know and leave a comment. I'll make sure to get back to you. ;)

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